Introducing Our Social Media Team

As most of you are probably aware, social media is one of the fastest growing forms of customer engagement in business nowadays. About a year ago we thought we’d dive into the social media world to see what conversations we could stir up and the results have been pretty amazing so far! Social media has allowed us to get in contact with past guests and employees, advertise upcoming events we may be having or sponsoring, and keep our loyal followers updated on the progress of construction.

Because of the great response to us being in the Twitterverse and Facebook, we thought that we’d beef up our social media team and get some new recruits. The thought behind this is that with more people contributing, our posts will always be fun, interesting, and give you all a taste of the many sides of the Oak Bay Beach Hotel! Since a number of us are all going to be chatting at you on a regular basis, we thought it was only fair that we introduce ourselves!

Kate, Jennilee, Kyla and Kris are the four masterminds behind each of our posts and updates on Facebook and Twitter. Kate is the face of the much anticipated Kate’s Café and knows how to make a mean sausage roll. Jennilee is the only woman on our Sales Team but she compensates for it by being the loudest and most outspoken, Kyla is your go to girl for anything wedding related at the hotel and is often caught surfing the net for the latest and greatest wedding trends, and Kris is our marketing guy, overall creative genius and quite frankly has his hands full with the three blondies on the social media team.

Each of us are committed to providing fun and interesting updates, and look forward to answering your questions and hearing your responses. Chat with you soon!

The Social Media Team