The Snug: Established 19??

Win a $25 Gift Card to The Snug by guessing the year it was originally Established.

The Snug pub has been on our minds lately as we are close to finalizing some exciting details of iconic Snug, that we’re sure you’ll be excited to see. We’ve been scouring the record books looking for the opening date of the original Snug pub lately and, as we’ve found out, it’s not an easy proposition. Some conclusive evidence has been found however, but thought you might be interested in taking a guess yourselves.

What we’re looking for: Fire up the memory banks [or whatever tools of the trade you can think of] and give us your guess of the year in which you think The Snug pub was opened. So fire that year our way and tell us where or how you based your guess. Can you come up with the date?

How the contest works: Submissions will be accepted on our Blog. Starting July 23rd 2012, fans can start posting their winning year right on this Blog Post. Our team will review all the entries. If you guess the correct year on our blog, or were the closest to the actual Opening year, you will receive a $25 gift certificate. Here are a couple of our guidelines:

– We encourage you to “Like” our Facebook fan page or “Follow Us” on Twitter for more hotel information and to find out the lucky winner
– Beneath this blog post, please submit your entry in our comment section
– You may add your guesses to Facebook & Twitter also, but the winner will be chosen and contacted by the best guess submitted to our Blog comments
– The winner will be contacted through email
– Once we have confirmed with our winner, we will announce them and their winning guess on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog.
– If the winning year was posted by multiple people, the individual who posted it first will win.
– Contest closes at midnight on July 26th, 2012

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